My name isElodie.I'm a front-endweb designer,and agraphic designer.
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I'm looking for a part time or full time position in the San Francisco Bay area.


Here's my work displayed inthree categories.
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Projects are sorted by web design, graphic design, and personal work and include clients from the United States and France.

Web design projects

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Web design projects: Wordpress, Squarespace or no CMS web sites. Take a look at them by clicking on the link bellow.

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Graphic design projects

instant douce heureIRBIalex'tricité and cojardin d'Alice

Graphic design projects: Brand identity (logos, business cards...) & marketing materials are displayed in the link below.

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Personal projects

lafayette crossesblog advice

Personal projects: I keep myself busy by taking on projects that fit my hobbies, like art and travel.

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Being a web designer means I an a good listener, detail focused, and always in search of improving myself.

My own history

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step - Laozi -

Professionnal mind

How my mind impacts my workProfessionalism is the key to building user friendly, personalized web sites... >> read more

I need to work. It’s the one time my thoughts will cooperate with me - Dan Groat -

Web design tools

What tools do I work withThere are so many tools to work with: frameworks, libraries... >> read more

We shape our tools and afterwards our tools shape us - Marshall McLuhan -


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Meeting new people is always an exciting adventure! Am I Right?
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