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My name is Elodie BUSSON. I'm a Web Designer.
I'm looking for a position in a web agency.
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This website is...

Full CSS
No Javascript

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CSS3 coded

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Web Design

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Made in
San Francisco

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This website is made to present:
my skills, my work and myself to web agencies around the Bay Area.
This website is only made with HTML5 and CSS3, no Javascript.
It's a responsive website; you can visit it on any platform:
phone, tablet, computer or even TV!

Enjoy your visit!

Non profit agency


Non-profit agency
Oakland, CA

Wordpress website

"Refonte" (technical redesign) of East Bay Community Recovery Project's website. The redesigned wordpress website is highly dynamic and contemporary.

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Blog Advice

Blog Advice

French Expatriates Blog

Wordpress Website (in French)

Personal project: blog with my advice for French expatriates in the United States. I want to share my experience and help people who would like to visit/work in the United States.

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Logo Jardin d'Alice

Jardin d'Alice

Flower Shop & Events
South of France

Logo Design

The client wanted a new logo for a business card that reflected a smart and stylish spirit. Green represents nature, and a light flower represents wealth. Metallic sheen was used for the flower on the business card.

Researcher Resume

David Crottès

Online Resume
Postdoc Researcher

Full coded website (in French)

Online resume of a postdoc researcher in biology. The website offers David a platform through which to showcase his academic work, publications, and research interests.

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Can'Sport Fitness Center


Fitness Center
South of France

Wordpress Website (in French)

The company's first website. The website launched as the fitness center opened so that it had an online presence and could be found by potential clients.

Visit the website
Logo William Snow

William Snow

Fashion Photographer

Logo Design

The client wanted a logo who reflected eather snow or photography. I used the idea of a shutter to represents photography and black and white color to represent contrast and prespective.



I come from Nice, France, and I currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area (since 2014).

I worked for two years in freelance web design while living in France; it was a very rewarding experience.

I come from an accounting education, and I found my way to web design during an assessment of skills. I started my training as an autodidact before taking classes. My curiosity helped me a lot.


What I do

I build websites with the newest rules of coding: HTML5 and CSS3. I use the responsive method to fit websites to any screen and the "webkit" protocol to adapt to every browser. Two of my secondary assets include creating illustrations and photo editing.

How I do it

Assisted by several tools, I base my work on the classic schema while keeping in mind client expectations. My work is original because it's a mixture of: Concrete, and Artistic. Alone or part of a team, my polyvalent work experience helps me be effective and easy to work with.

Why I do it

Building websites feeds my three basic professional needs: communication, artistic design and logical thinking. Through my work, I want to give to every company a highly personalized, original website that fits their brand.


I use the most
  • - Wordpress (CMS)
  • - Source code editor (Dreamweaver...)
  • - Photoshop
  • - Illustrator
  • - Flash Professional
  • - Others: Office
I use the most

In the order of use :

  • - HTML5
  • - CSS3
  • - PHP
  • - JavaScript
  • - ActionScript
I visit the most


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My name is Elodie BUSSON.
I am a Web Designer.
I am looking for a job.
I live close to the San Francisco Bay area.

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